The size and purpose of fleets can vary greatly, as while fleets always have the common thread of transport, the nature of the industry in which the fleet operates is invariably unique. Fleets are used for a variety of purposes, including, deliveries, hospital ambulances, freight and logistics, school buses, and construction and farm vehicles.

There are always numerous expenses and labour costs associated with fleets, especially relating to production. In order to run an efficient business and ensure that most of your goals and objectives are met, it is critical that you build an efficient workforce and minimise costs.

Cartrack Engineering Technologies provides a modern and dynamic tracking system that sources the latest and most ground-breaking technology in the tracking industry. Our vast experience in handling fleets allows us to streamline the operations in your fleet, and ensure that you are always on top of your operations and can stay ahead of the competition.

By working with Cartrack Engineering Technologies, your business will benefit in the following ways:

Optimised operations

By simply having a smart manager use Cartrack Engineering Technologies’ systems, you can track and monitor your vehicles in real-time, thereby ensuring that production time and your staff’s working hours are more efficiently managed. You will also be instantly alerted to the deviation of predetermined routes, thus preventing abuse and misuse of your vehicle and ensuring that there is a verified inventory of the vehicle’s mileage. Unnecessary overtime will also be reduced and there will be a considerable saving on fuel costs.

Manage staff and reduce employee turn-over

Redundancy at the workplace will be reduced owing to our smart system. You’ll also be able to assess the performance of staff based on merit, with our system generating reports on driver behaviour. Additionally, fleet managers are better equipped to manage non-performance and reward good performance.

Peace of mind

Should you not have the means to be-hands on in your fleet management, you can choose to use Cartrack Engineering Technologies unique Bureau Services, whereby we manage the entire fleet process on your behalf, 24/7.  On either a daily, weekly or monthly basis, you will receive fleet and performance reports, with reports available according to your preference. This service will therefore ensure that you save more and avoid potential negative impact of an incompetent or rogue manager.

Fuel misuse no longer a major problem

The costly impacts of fuel mismanagement are avoided with Cartrack Engineering Technologies. Through using modern technology, you can monitor and track improper use of fuel. An alert will be triggered should there be any drastic or irregular drop in fuel levels, while you can also have fuel tracking reports complied at the end of every trip.

These services ultimately ensures that driver mismanagement is reduced in your fleet, resulting in reduced costs, increased revenue and a longer life-span for your fleet.