As much as it is an unwanted occurrence, motorbike theft is a reality. As such, it is critical that motorbike owners employ quality tracking systems that will offer monitoring and theft recovery services. In this regard, Cartrack Engineering Technologies’ Bike Track and Recovery service has proved invaluable.

Cartrack Engineering Technologies has achieved great success in recovering stolen motorbikes thanks to the efficiency of our product and the high levels of quality service that we provide.  Our staff continually work hard to make sure that provide a professional solution that is customised according to our customers’ needs and that they always receive a superior product and service.

Grow your business with Fleet monitor

Transportation in Nigeria can often prove to be a challenge, especially when it relates to operating a fleet of vehicles. As such, it is important to factor in these considerations when operating a fleet:

  • How many trips have my trucks completed?
  • What is the amount of fuel that has been filled in my trucks?
  • What is the location of my trucks?
  • Are my drivers performing up to standard?
  • To which place should I take my trucks for a service?

The answers to these questions (and much more) is Cartrack Engineering Technologies!

Cartrack Engineering Technologies Cartrack has been operating in Nigeria since 2003, and has helped many transportation companies exponentially grow their business. We support your business endeavours and ensure that you always lead the way in a competitive market. Contact us today to find out how our products and services can help your business grow!