You can now tip your Uber driver in Nigeria

Ridesharing in Nigeria is about to become even more lucrative for drivers with the recent announcement that ridesharing service Uber has introduced a tipping feature in Nigeria for driver-partners.

In future, riders in Nigeria will have the option of tipping their drivers after every trip as a way of showing appreciation for outstanding service delivery. This new feature will be entirely optional, with riders given an option to customise an amount for their driver.

How can riders tip their drivers?

Riders firstly have to make sure that they download the latest version of the Uber app. The feature is available in the Uber app below the rating and compliments section. After rating each trip, the rider will have the option to tip.

They are able to either select from a range of pre-set amounts or enter a customised amount. Should a rider choose to tip their driver, the payment will be deducted from their registered debit or credit card. Every single tip will go directly to driver-partners and Uber will receive no service fee.

Why has Uber Nigeria implemented this option?

General Manager for Uber West Africa, Lola Kassim, noted that the decision to implement the tipping option emerged from consultations with drivers.

“The tipping feature comes as a result of the feedback we received from driver-partners through our various engagement sessions with them. With this feature, we want to ensure that drivers that often go above and beyond for their riders are being recognised and rewarded.

“This could be the driver that waits for riders to safely enter their home, assists with inserting and removing luggage from the trunk or simply a pleasant driver that is warm and friendly and helps you get through Lagos traffic,” he added.

A trend developing worldwide

While only recently becoming available in Nigeria, tipping has been readily available in many cities worldwide since 2017, having first been rolled out in cities in the US and Canada.

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