Cars sure have come a long way since their humble beginnings in the early 20th century. As an example, here’s what the first car developed by Karl Benz, looked like:

Jump forward to 2018, and here is what a modern car looks like:

From this stark contrast, one can clearly see that motor cars have come a long way. In fact, there are actually a variety of ground-breaking developments that make past developments such as the introduction of air-conditioning, electric windows and power steering seem quaint.

Here are some of the latest trends that indicate the future of the automotive industry:

Communication between two cars

This burgeoning technology is known as vehicle-to-vehicle communication, and it could truly revolutionise the car industry and significantly improve safety. Essentially, other cars around you are able to relay information that will help you avoid potential accidents. This technology works through the use of wireless signals that send information back and forth between cars regarding speed, location and direction. The information is then communicated to other cars in the near vicinity; the intention is to ensure that the vehicles keep a safe distance from each other. Trials regarding this technology are currently being undertaken in the US by car manufacturers.

Vehicle-to-infrastructure communication

Vehicle-to-infrastructure communication is another interconnected technology that is being trialled. This technology would allow cars to communicate with road infrastructure such as traffic signals and road signs. Additionally, it would also provide information to the vehicles regarding safety issues  and traffic information from a traffic management system, which will allow motorists to access the best possible routes.

Augmented reality dashboards

You probably won’t recognise the dashboards of the future, as they are set to transform to encompass a range of digital information. They will be able to identify external objects that are in front of the driver and then display information about these objects on the windshield. The development of this technology is imminent, as a major car manufacturer is currently developing an augmented reality dashboard that will allow a car to identify objects in front of it and communicate to the driver the distance of the vehicle from the object.

Airbags that help stop vehicles

Another large motor manufacturer is developing a technology that will allow airbags to deploy from underneath the car. This function will subsequently help stop a vehicle before it crashes. As a part of the overall active safety system, these airbags will only deploy when sensors in the car determine that an impact is inevitable. There will also be numerous other safety aspects, including a function that will lift your car up by about eight centimetres and improve bumper-to-bumper contact. It will also counter the dipping motion whenever there is hard braking and prevent passengers from sliding under their seat when a collision takes place.

While you may have to wait a bit for this technology to arrive in Nigeria, you don’t have to wait to protect your car with the latest technology. Get smart information on your vehicle and the driver with our fleet management solutions.