Explaining Vehicle Recovery vs Vehicle Tracking

As a motorist, you have undoubtedly heard about vehicle recovery as well as vehicle tracking. While many people tend to lump these two services into the same category, there are both similarities and notable differences between the two. Understanding what the differences are is important to ensure that you receive the solution that is best suited to your needs and your wallet.

What is Vehicle Recovery?

Vehicle recovery is solely concerned with the retrieval of stolen or hijacked vehicles, through the use of both sophisticated tracking technology and on-the-ground recovery teams. A vehicle tracking device fitted with the latest Global Positioning System (GPS) and Radio Frequency (RF) technology is placed in a secret location inside your vehicle.

This action subsequently enables the precise tracking of the location of your vehicle on a map at any point in time, thereby allowing a recovery team to accurately locate a stolen vehicle and recover it.  Should your vehicle be stolen or hijacked, and you have a tracking device installed in your vehicle, you can report the incident by either phone, online or via a smartphone app, depending on your service provider.

Who Needs Vehicle Recovery?

A vehicle recovery service is a necessity for anyone who owns a vehicle and has any valid concerns about the possibility that their beloved car could be stolen.   If you have a limited budget, there are more affordable options available that will give you peace of mind when it comes to the security of your vehicle. Cartrack offers low-cost options for those looking for a level-entry stolen vehicle recovery package.

What is Vehicle Tracking?

Vehicle tracking is primarily defined as a tracking system for your vehicle that monitors the location of a moving vehicle primarily through GPS technology.  However, vehicle tracking can be utilised in numerous ways, including stolen vehicle recovery, driver behaviour analysis and fleet management.  Sophisticated telematics technology is how fleet management and driver behaviour analysis is carried out; intelligent features provide fleet managers with the resources to monitor and manage their drivers, thereby helping to increase efficiencies and reduce unnecessary costs. Fleet managers can learn about adverse driving behaviours such as speeding, idling, and harsh braking and turning.  They can also learn about other variables such as traffic information and a street view of your vehicle’s surroundings.

Who Needs Vehicle Tracking?

Companies that use a large fleet of vehicles, either as a means to transport their goods or as a courier service for customers, are in most need of vehicle tracking services. However, anyone who wants to keep track of the driving habits and location of someone using their car or cars could benefit from this service.

Enjoy vehicle recovery and vehicle tracking from the experts

With over 15 years’ experience, Cartrack can offer our customers world-class services when it comes to both vehicle recovery and vehicle tracking. Contact us today to find out more about our leading stolen vehicle recovery and fleet management services.