Why Free Tracking from Your Insurer May Not Be Good Enough

You have just renewed the insurance policy for a fleet of trucks that you manage at the office and you are quite excited that you received free tracking from your insurer. In reality though, this “benefit” may not be adequate for monitoring your fleet.

Why do we state this? There are a couple of reasons- firstly, auto insurers offer free tracking in order to mitigate the risk of a total loss if your vehicle is stolen; usually, the vehicle tracking installed will only cover the management of stolen vehicle recovery.

For fleet managers, a more comprehensive tracking product is required that will encompass stolen vehicle recovery, fuel monitoring, geo- fencing, reminders on servicing, reports on driver behaviour, speed summaries, odometer readings and alerts for no-go zones, to name just a few.

In the long term, it’s best for the fleet/logistics manager to explore a more comprehensive fleet management option and work with both their insurer and telematics tracking provider to derive the most out of their fleet management.

A more comprehensive fleet management package ensures a return on investment and reduces security risks relating to vehicle theft and employee malpractices.

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