Hire Beta Car berths in Nigeria

The ability to find and book comfortable vehicles in Nigeria, car rental space in Nigeria is set to greatly improve with the entry into the space of Hire Beta Car, an online car hire company, which has set up operations in Uyo and Lagos.

Who are Hire Beta?

Hire Beta Car is a third-party service similar to Uber or Taxify, specifically intended for the hiring of luxury cars, SUVs, buses and vans. It is designed for everyone who has ever wanted to hire a vehicle but does not know where to start.

It is essentially a hub where people looking to either hire vehicles or hire out their own vehicles can transact  with one another. Individuals seeking to hire their car out can simply list it on the company’s website, and it will then be advertised to the target market. The company also enables long-distance travel and long-term hire.

How does it benefit customers?

Hire Beta Car is designed to make life as easy as possible for customers. It is ideal for people seeking to hire a premium car for special occasions, business meetings or wedding ceremonies. A wide variety of cars are available for use, everything from sedans to SUV’s, from a Toyota Corolla to a Bulletproof G63 to Rolls Royce Wraith.

Aiming to serve a niche in the Nigerian market

Hire Beta’s Ubong Isemin notes that the entry of the company in Nigeria will prove successful as they offer a niche service for the local market.

“In the Nigerian business landscape, currently, there’s nobody doing what we’re doing. If you have a car for hire, you will need to know someone who can refer clients to you. With Hire Beta Car, we have created a hub where people looking for vehicles to hire, and people that have cars for hire can go and transact transparently.”

“Our goal is to democratise the car hire market and make it so that Nigerians no longer need to know someone who knows someone who has a car to hire, hiring a car is simply a call away to Hire Beta Car.”


 Whether rental or not, Cartrack will protect your vehicle

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