How trailer tracking technology helps you manage, monitor and protect your trailers

Trailer tracking is just one of the many tools used to help make a manager’s life easier. With it, you can efficiently monitor and gain access to your assets from anywhere through our cloud-based solution.

It wasn’t that long ago that employees had to go out of their way to get information. Taking time to write down the trailer number, note the location, and record any onboard cargo leaves you with less time to actually use your assets.

When trailers were on the road, manual counting was more challenging and often required a phone call, or two, for the fleet manager to get an exact location. If a trailer went missing during transit or was stolen days could pass before the company found out.

Trailer tracking technology changed all that.

Telematics and asset monitoring for trailers

Although many businesses use GPS trackers for better trailer management, many don’t know the full extent and potential of these little gadgets, i.e a GPS device, in fleet telematics.

Telematics is the smart technology used through a GPS tracking device installed in their vehicles. It gathers and stores all vehicle and trailer data and compiles it for easy management and access through a fleet platform.

Like many fleet technologies, telematics is mainly used for tracking assets like vehicles, trailers, generators, IT devices and expensive equipment. This is used for damage prevention, asset protection and overall asset tracking within the fleet.

What is a trailer tracking device and how does it work?

With GPS technology advancing faster than many people imagined, we are only beginning to realise the true value that it adds to the transportation and logistics industry. One of the most promising uses of this technology is in asset protection through trailer GPS tracking.

There are two parts to the commercial trailer tracking systems.

Battery or solar-powered – A trailer tracking device is attached to the trailer itself which emits a GPS tracking signal that communicates through the use of a cell modem. This allows the user to find out where the trailer is at any given moment.

The software – This is what receives the signals sent by the tracking device. The software can translate the signal from the trailer tracker and put the information onto a map, showing the exact location, whether the trailer is stationary or moving, and in some cases, whether or not it is tethered to a vehicle.

What is a trailer tracking device and how does it work?

Why track your assets?

Businesses invest in many things to generate profits, like their employees, vehicles and overall trailer assets. Physical assets could include any equipment, technology, or machinery that an entity uses to provide a service to themselves or their customers. All these different types of vehicles and site equipment are valuable for the business and need to be protected.

Asset tracking is used to track a business’s assets. It gathers any GPS data related to them, such as their current location, maintenance conditions, when last it was in use, for how long and by whom. This is achieved by equipping the assets with a tracking device.

Asset tracking is useful for: 

  • 24/7 trailer surveillance
  • Movements of the asset
  • Usage of the asset

Apart from your trailer’s protection, asset and trailer tracking is used for productivity and easy management, having a tracking device automatically tells you how long one of your trailers has been used in a day, and by who saves loads of time in calculating, it also helps add up working hours so you can bill clients or pay employees more accurately.

The real-time vision of their trailers gives fleet managers insights into their assets whether on-site or on the road. Using fleet trailer tracking units and software not only makes their job simpler but can also boost the organisation’s bottom line.

Asset tracking devices for theft prevention

So it happened, you clock in one morning, open your emails and read that one of your trailers was damaged or stolen while unattended. Now what? Most of the time, criminals would strip the trailer and remove the trailer’s vehicle identification number (VIN) before you even notice your assets are gone.

This happens all too frequently, costing businesses time and money. Every company that uses trailers understands these struggles. The dangers of leaving your assets unguarded, the area where they are left alone, the chance of the item getting stolen or used without our consent, and the list goes on.

With a trailer tracker, you will immediately know that something has gone wrong. An alert would be immediately sent out, giving you enough time to call the authorities and find your missing trailer, and you can receive all this info via your mobile device. 

Types of trailers that can be tracked

Realistically, GPS trackers can be installed onto any moving vehicles and stationary assets. Cartrack’s tracking units can be easily installed on all types of trailers, and vehicles in use, including:

  • Flatbed trailers
  • Enclosed trailers
  • Equipment trailers
  • Open auto trailers
  • Speciality trailers

While any GPS fleet tracking device would do, partnering with an industry-leading fleet management company like Cartrack would give you numerous benefits and added peace of mind.  

Asset tracking technology

While GPS tracking is the most popular tracking method, there is more than one way of tracking assets. Finding the best asset monitoring solution for your company might be difficult given the variety of asset tracking technology available.

Bluetooth asset tracking/ Beacons: These are remote gadgets that transmit Bluetooth low-energy signals sent to another Bluetooth digital gadget or smart device to establish the location of the beacon itself. 

Radio frequency identification: Passive RFID asset tracking is a form of wireless communication that uses electronic fields to identify and track tags attached to objects. These require RFID reader devices to receive signals from the tag.

GPS-based asset tracking: GPS tracking devices are attached to any assets and can interact via cellular networks or satellites and communicate over long distances while keeping accurate, up-to-date logs for employees.

Most types of mobile asset tracking devices allow for custom alerts, notifications and even geofence set-ups for the safety and protection of your assets.

The best GPS tracking features to look out for

Before choosing an asset tracking solution, always consider your goals and ask yourself: What exactly is my business looking for and what features do we need the most?

The best tracking devices are ones that have the following features:

  • 24/7 real-time location tracking
  • Cloud-based system
  • Theft detection
  • Easy installation
  • Long battery life
  • Solar-powered technology
  • Instant reporting
  • Over-the-air serviceability
  • Interface with user-friendly mapping systems such as Google Maps or others
  • Viewing trailer trip history

Finding one device that offers all these features would be a dream, but realistically most devices are not one-size-fits-all, these features are spread out between devices that are used to track different assets in different environments. 

The best GPS tracking features to look out for

Why does GPS asset tracking matter?

GPS asset tracking is done to improve the use and security of valuable items, in this case, your trailers and the cargo they carry. Companies that fail to track assets correctly could be losing vast sums of money on an annual basis and losing the trust of their customers.

Trailer (and asset) management is an essential component of your business’s supply chain operations. Lost or delayed cargo means lost sales and unhappy customers, which can be detrimental to a business. 

Management may have a better and clearer image of where everything is, and where it is going, by connecting trailer tracking devices and their fleet management system.

By doing this, you can receive:

  • Lowered insurance rates due to aiding in trailer theft recovery
  • Software upgrades can be done digitally and don’t need the removal of the tracking device
  • Optimised asset usage
  • Increased asset and cargo security
  • Improved customer service with accurate and timely information
  • A sealed trailer tracker that can work in harsh weather and road conditions.

Different businesses that can utilise trailer tracking devices

If your assets aren’t frequently monitored, operate in unsafe locations, aren’t being utilised enough or bring value to your business, implementing trailer monitoring would be very beneficial.

No matter the fleet size, almost all industries can benefit from tracking and monitoring their trailers.

  • Landscaping
  • Construction
  • Handyman
  • Tile and flooring installation
  • AC & heating repairs
  • Transport and logistics
  • Utilities

 The benefits trailer tracking can bring your business

A fleet of any size can profit greatly from using a dependable trailer tracking system. With this, you can safeguard your trailers, get visibility and insights into their movements, and much more:

Gain complete trailer visibility – Track all your van trailers on one platform.

Increased trailer utilisation – Monitor trailer utilisation at customer sites and optimise trailers by redeploying under-utilised assets.

Protect cargo – Use smart sensors and camera systems to gain 24-hour cargo monitoring and protection against tampering or unscheduled usage.

Simplify deployment – Trailer tracking can be used on any trailer to keep assets safe.

Increase productivity – Examine past GPS data to see where you can improve trailer efficiency and usage.

Increased trailer safety – Receive instant alerts on trailer status, location, door activity and unauthorised usage for optimum security.

Trailer tracking systems use the data sent to the dispatcher to provide dependable and secure insights to shippers for better management of their various assets.

Secure trailer tracking with industry experts

Cartrack’s GPS trailer tracking technology puts you in control of both your active trailers and non-moving assets.

If you’re looking for advanced safety and tracking features, Cartrack provides real-time security with customisable geofences and alerts for your assets.

Let us help you protect your assets. Contact Cartrack today.