No matter what type of car you drive or what type of driver you are, safety considerations on the road are extremely important. That’s why modern vehicles have so many much-needed safety features and why you take so many precautions as a driver on the road. It’s also why a lot of companies are using fleet management solutions, such as the type that Cartrack offers, in order to have better visibility in terms of how safe their drivers are on the road.

Even if you’re taking all the precautions necessary, there are still certain road safety tips that you may be unaware of and need to take into account:

 Eliminate the blind spot 

You probably know about the “blind spot” in your mirror – the area on either side of your car that is invisible to both of your side mirrors.  You can easily overcome this by adjusting both mirrors away from you until your car is no longer visible in either mirror. This will ensure that any car that passes you will remain in at least one of your mirrors until it enters your field of vision.

Focus on the traffic as well, not just the road signs 

Traffic signs are there for a very good reason – they regulate traffic on the road. However, you should also pay close attention to what other drivers are doing, this is known as “defensive driving”.  If you own a fleet of vehicles, Cartrack’s superior fleet management solutions will let you know how good and bad your drivers are.

Be careful about what music you play while driving 

Playing music can be a great way to keep you alert and focused on the road. It can also hamper your safety if the music is too loud or too high-tempo. Studies have shown that drivers who listen to slower music or no music at all are less likely to commit road offences and have accidents than drivers who listen to music of between 120 and 140 beats per minute (the speed of most dance and techno music).

Always keep your headlights on 

While you may think you only need to turn on your headlights in dark and dim conditions, a recent study revealed that driving with your headlights on at all times can reduce your risk of being involved in an accident by up to 32%. So, get in the habit of putting your lights on every time you drive.

You have to keep using the handbrake 

As a safety precaution, you should always pull up the handbrake if you’re on a hill. What some people may not know is that they should always pull up the handbrake after stopping the car – even if your vehicle rests on a flat surface, as this keeps the handbrake in good working order. This action is particularly crucial as it is also used as an emergency in a situation when your brakes fail, as it overrides the hydraulic mechanism normally used to control the brakes.

Don’t brake during a tyre blowout 

When your tyre explodes while driving, you may instinctively slam on the brakes. Don’t do this though, as this can spin the car out of control. While it may seem to make no sense, you should actually put your foot on the accelerator and speed up. Squeezing the pedal for a couple of second and keep the car as straight as possible, which will allow you to gain control.

Cartrack will also help keep you safe on the road 

Whether you’re worried about having an accident on the road or concerned that criminals may steal your car, Cartrack will protect you and put you in control. Contact us today to enjoy these superior services.