Some of Nigeria’s road quality could soon receive a much-needed shot in the arm following the recent announcement that the South African government will collaborate with Nigeria in developing road infrastructure in the West African country.

According to News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), the road infrastructure project for the West African region is a collaborative initiative between The Development Bank of Southern Africa (DBSA) and the Infrastructure Concession Regulatory Commission (ICRC). The intention is to integrate the African continent by creating a transport and logistics infrastructure agenda for the West African region.

The South African government owns the DBSA, a development finance institution that established to accelerate sustainable socio-economic development and improve South Africans’ quality of life.

The DBSA’s Hulisani Makhuvha confirmed this collaboration in December 2019, in Abuja at the side-line of a conference for the Nigeria-South Africa Intergraded Road Transport Infrastructure Initiative.

“We are going to look at possible ways of collaborating within the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) space, working with ICRC and the Nigerian government,” Makhuvha explained further details about the partnership.

“We will look at opportunities and how we can collaborate with the Nigerian government; our mandate is driven primarily by how much is required to build roads basically.”

IRC managing director, Chidi Izuwah, highlighted the importance of a good road network in the development of an economy, noting that roads don’t only connect and integrate, but also enhance a nation’s competitiveness index and facilitate supply chains.

“Road has a transformational effect primary to technology or any other contemporary development programme. Road creates jobs and catalyses factors of production, road appreciates land value capture for funding infrastructure,” he said.


Let Cartrack help you navigate around poor quality roads

We’re all excited about the expected benefits of this collaboration. While we wait for the project to come to fruition, it is important to be aware that there are still many roads in Nigeria that are of a lesser quality and that could be harmful to your vehicles should your drivers drive consistently on these roads.

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