5th September 2019

The benefits of Refrigeration Monitoring

If your business transports perishable and temperature-sensitive products such as fruit, vegetables, and dairy product, it can be seriously debilitating to your business’s progress if these
2nd September 2019

Explaining Vehicle Recovery vs Vehicle Tracking

As a motorist, you have undoubtedly heard about vehicle recovery as well as vehicle tracking. While many people tend to lump these two services into the
13th August 2019

How the Internet of things has shaped vehicle telematics

The concept of the Internet of Things (IoT) is still fairly unknown by most, unless they have a specific interest in the field. However, it has
1st August 2019

How to use the Cartrack app

So, you’ve signed up with your Cartrack, and now you’re eager to get going and enjoy the peace of mind that Cartrack is famous for providing
24th May 2019

You can now tip your Uber driver in Nigeria

Ridesharing in Nigeria is about to become even more lucrative for drivers with the recent announcement that ridesharing service Uber has introduced a tipping feature in
10th April 2019

Hire Beta Car berths in Nigeria

The ability to find and book comfortable vehicles in Nigeria, car rental space in Nigeria is set to greatly improve with the entry into the space
25th March 2019

Autonomous vehicle technology set to roll on in 2019

While not every country has yet embraced the autonomous (driverless) vehicle industry, there is little doubt that this relatively new industry will continue to make a
12th February 2019

Nigeria to boost economy through road construction partnership with private sector

The Nigeria Industrial Policy and Competitiveness Advisory Council (Industrial Council) recently achieved a landmark in accelerating infrastructure development for economic growth in the country. This milestone
7th December 2018

How Vehicle telematics works

Vehicle telematics is a fairly new concept that is gaining popularity and traction among numerous companies and industries, who are quickly realising the untold benefits that