3rd February 2022

The real hidden cost of owning a car

There’s more to owning a car than monthly repayments. You see an ad for two or three thousand rand a month and think, “I can afford
28th April 2020

Lesser-known Safety Tips When Driving

No matter what type of car you drive or what type of driver you are, safety considerations on the road are extremely important. That’s why modern
15th April 2020

What to know when buying vehicle insurance

What to know when buying vehicle insurance in Nigeria Many Nigerians shy away from buying car insurance as they consider it to be an unnecessary expense.
3rd April 2020

Secret methods criminals use to steal vehicles

When a criminal steals your beloved vehicle, it can sometimes feel as if this event has almost occurred randomly and out of nowhere. However, you would
4th February 2020

Predicted automotive trends in 2020

It’s sometimes hard to believe that we’re now in 2020. What always seemed like a year that was “way in the future” is now here, and
29th January 2020

Nigeria to receive help from SA govt on road infrastructure

Some of Nigeria’s road quality could soon receive a much-needed shot in the arm following the recent announcement that the South African government will collaborate with
10th January 2020

The future of vehicle tracking

Over the last 20 years, vehicle tracking has developed in leaps and bounds to the point where it is an integral part of both vehicle security
7th January 2020

How to deal with challenges on the road

Even if you’re an experienced driver, driving can present numerous challenges that you have to overcome. From people who drive recklessly and disregard the rules of
7th January 2020

Best practice implementation can save you 15-20%

With the ever-increasing costs of conducting business, fleet owners the world over are looking at ways to reduce their expenses; Cartrack has the answer with its